Cannabis Licensing & Consulting

A Brief History of Medicine Man Technologies


In late 2012, Andy Williams was introduced to Brett Roper and subsequent discussions revealed the substantial value of creating a new company that could "house" as well as deliver the substantial experience Medicine Man Denver had acquired over the past five years. In April 2014, the business venture incorporated in Nevada as a 'C' Corporation under the name of Medicine Man Technologies, Inc. and began generating revenues through sales of consulting and licensing services. Since the business is based in the advisory and consulting space and not in the actual growing and distribution of the product, the company completed it's public company filing and had it's first public sale in January 2016. For more information on Medicine Man Technologies public filing process, please follow this link: Medicine Man Technologies - EDGAR Page





Team Biographies


Andy Williams - Chairman of the Board


Andy Williams is the Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of Medicine Man Technologies and CEO of Medicine Man in Colorado. He is veteran of the US Army, and served three years as a Cavalry Scout in the 3rd Infantry Division. He went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Southern Colorado in Pueblo, CO. Andy has worked in a wide range of manufacturing industries as an industrial engineer, and in leadership positions. He is a lifelong entrepreneur. In 2009 the Ogden letter was published stating the Department of Justice would not utilize their resources to prosecute those individuals following state marijuana laws. That was the call to a new opportunity in the marijuana industry for Andy and his brother, Pete Williams. In December of 2009 they launched Medicine Man with the concept of being the Costco of marijuana. Six years later Medicine Man is now a $17 million a year corporation and has branched out to assist start up marijuana companies and grow facilities across the country with their consulting company, Medicine Man Technologies. They are known as industry leaders throughout the United States.



Brett Roper – CEO & Co-Founder


Mr. Roper has an extensive background in business development, having successfully 'shepherded' several Form 10 and S1 filings as well as NASDAQ up listing efforts, most recently co-founding Medicine Man Technologies, a unique cannabis business consultant and advisory service provider. Mr. Roper has a substantial amount of RE based experience, managing acquisition, interim holding, and disposition of substantial industrial properties in the 50,000 to 400,000 SF range and is active in providing design insights for cannabis related property deployment. Mr. Roper has been responsible for management of a national marketing program for a regional RE developer having relationships with SIOR, NAI, CORFAC Global, NAIOP, and other real estate organizations across the country. Mr. Roper has served in a number of advisory capacities to other pre-public and public companies including corporate development, strategic initiative refinement, business turnaround, service as an independent board member, and management of investor relations fundamentals. His extraordinary background has allowed him to become a well-rounded 'quiet advisor' to many companies as well as investors in the Canna-business space.


Marc Harvill – Sr. Consultant


As a Sr. Consultant, Marc is responsible for following emerging markets, managing new and existing client relationships, and coordinating training efforts for licensees of Medicine Man Technologies. Marc has a background in pharmacy operations both in the manufacturing and retail space, with more than 10 years of experience. He holds a B.A in Marketing and Spanish from PSU and an M.B.A from Washburn University. Prior to joining Medicine Man Technologies, Marc worked for one of the largest privately operated pharmacy technology companies in the country, specifically focused on training and development, hardware and software testing and quality assurance.


Matt Best – Sr. Consultant


As Sr. Consultant, Matt is responsible for following emerging markets, managing new and existing client relationships, and marketing and event management for the company. He holds a B.A. in Communication and Integrated Marketing Communications from the State University of New York, College at Geneseo. Prior to joining MMT in 2015, Matt worked in the Media department at a prominent national advertising agency while overseeing the media planning and buying team and maintaining responsibility for client relationships across local, regional, and national media accounts. He has a strong background in organizational and interpersonal communication, project management, as well as expertise in marketing, business development and client relations. Matt is an avid skier and enjoys time spent within the National Parks.


Carrie Roberts – Sr. Consultant


Carrie Roberts is a Senior Consultant with Medicine Man Technologies. She has a BA in Sociology and Criminal Justice from Colorado State University. As a former Colorado POST Certified law enforcement officer Carrie is currently on the speakers' bureau for LEAP (Law Enforcement Action Partnership), an international, non-profit, criminal justice reform agency speaking to both policy makers and the public regarding criminal justice and drug policy reform measures. In this capacity, she is able to provide cultivation and dispensary facility tours, educational presentations and actionable intelligence for law enforcement and legislative officials in states where marijuana legalization is unfolding. She helps those government officials understand how legalizing, taxing and regulating marijuana increases public safety, improves the criminal justice system, enhances racial justice, protects young people, safeguards patients, saves resources, bolsters public health, and generates revenue. Carrie is also on the standards creation board for FOCUS (Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards), an independent, non-profit, third party source for the creation of cannabis standards. In addition to her law enforcement experience, she has over 13 years of entrepreneurial business experience. As a private investigator, she began the nation's first mystery shopping company focused exclusively on the cannabis industry to help dispensary operators focus on maintaining compliance, setting standards, and delivering superior customer experience. She has a strong business background in strategic consulting and strategy development, as well as expertise in marketing, business development, and customer experience management.